From time to time, I form with great enthusiasm a group or a team in a company or at the university. 

My favorite themes are:

  • Time and priority management;
  • Assertive communication;
  • Conflict management.

I have been collaborating for several years with Anne Servais on these themes, beautifully developed by Sagittarius RH: and

For the following themes, I have developed interactive workshops myself:

  • "Interview techniques" (for hiring managers)
  • "Prepare your interviews" (for candidates).

I rely on my extensive experience as a recruitment manager of various profiles, recruited in Belgium and around the world for private companies. 

I organize the following workshop for individuals, groups or teams:

  • "The discovery of your MBTI type" (Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a personality questionnaire), of which I am a certified practitioner) ". 

I lead these trainings & workshops in French and English. The formats are developed for face-to-face and have been adapted in 2020 to be given also virtually.